Bamboo Flooring: Ten Secrets From A Flooring Veteran

It’s not pleasant to have beautiful new bamboo flooring laid only to discover in a few years that cracks, warping or shrinking start to raise their ugly heads. Sometimes the cost of repair or replacement can be a lot more than the installation of the original floor so it pays to get it right the first time.

The following ten secrets have been developed over my nearly 35 years in the bamboo flooring industry. What’s provided me with further, invaluable “insider” knowledge is the large amount of insurance work that I’ve done for some of the largest home insurers in Australia roofing company cleveland ohio.

Never leave your flooring decisions to a man! I know this statement sounds odd but it actually has good “manly” logic behind it. Surprisingly (and this is changing over time), men don’t tend to spend a lot of time inside the house nor do house cleaning compared with women. Because of this, women tend to have a much better appreciation for practicality, colour and what will or won’t work with the furnishings and fittings in the home.

Not having a comprehensive assessment completed before installation! When spending the amount of money that you’ll need to get high-quality bamboo flooring installed, you’ll need a thorough pre-installation assessment. Fortunately, this service is normally provided free of charge and if it isn’t, move on to another flooring company that will.

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