Vegetarian Burger Recipes – Wholesome Scrumptious Burgers

Vegetarian burgers in contrast to burgers product of meat are a wholesome and substantial meals. There are a number of methods to make a vegetarian burger and I’ll listing the way in which I like mine made.

The primary is a vegetarian burger recipe, for one, that not everybody will like as a result of it has onions:


1 small onion chopped high-quality
1 very small or half of a medium measurement bell pepper (inexperienced, purple, yellow doesn’t matter)
1 small shredded carrot
1 cup of cooked darkish beans (drained can of kidney beans is okay)
salt and pepper to style.

Process: Place chopped onions, peppers and shredded carrots right into a bowl and add the beans. Mash all the elements collectively totally. The beans will act as the bottom for the burger conserving all the different elements collectively. Type right into a burger. Dip the shaped burger first into milk (vegans use soy milk) then into both cracker, corn flake or bread crumbs. In a skillet warmth about one tablespoon of olive oil. Place the burger into the olive oil to fry. Brown it on either side and serve on a bun with a slice of tomato and a few lettuce. In case you love onions place a skinny slice of onion on it too. You may serve this with any type of facet dish you want together with a slice of pickle.

The second is a vegetarian burger recipe for one that could be a little completely different and isn’t for the onion lover.


1 very small or half of a medium measurement bell pepper chopped finely (inexperienced, purple, yellow doesn’t matter),
1 small shredded carrot,
1 small tomato diced
1 cup of cooked brown or white rice
salt and pepper to style.

Process: Place the chopped pepper, shredded carrot and diced tomato right into a bowl and add the 1 cup of cooked rice. Mash all the elements collectively till agency and type right into a burger. Fry in skillet with one tablespoon of olive oil. In case you select chances are you’ll dip the burger into some milk (vegans use soy milk) after which into cracker crumbs corn flake or bread crumbs earlier than you fry it however it isn’t crucial as a result of the rice will brown. Serve on a bun with a slice of tomato and a few lettuce. Chances are you’ll use any facet dish you want with this burger together with slices of bread and butter pickles charburger.

I exploit carrots to make this vegetarian burger recipe juicier. Though in these there’s something in regards to the carrot that makes the burger tastier. For variations on these recipes add different elements reminiscent of mushrooms, cooked mashed pumpkin or butternut squash or every other veggie that you just take pleasure in. A variation of those recipes makes for a way more pleasing burger every time you make it and eat it.

The rice or beans in these recipes take the place of meat and add substance to the burger. The beans on this recipe is decrease in energy however the rice is simpler to type and cooks up extra solidly thereby, making the consistency of those two burgers a bit completely different. These recipes comprise not solely wholesome elements however they’re tasty too. Attempt each of those vegetarian burger recipes and select your personal favourite.

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