Why Freezing Candles Is A Unhealthy Concept

Being within the candle business since 1997 I wish to skim the web for questions or concepts individuals have associated to candles. One matter that comes up repeatedly is whether or not storing candles within the freezer earlier than lighting them will trigger them to burn slower. Why does a slower burning candle matter anyway? The concept is to make it last more so as to get monetary savings on candle purchases. We determined to place collectively our personal experiment and see if freezing candles actually will make them burn longer.

Thought Behind Freezing a Candle

Earlier than entering into how we did our experiment, maybe I ought to run by way of the fundamental thought course of as to why freezing a candle would possibly make it burn slower. The wax of the candle is the gasoline for the candle flame. The gasoline must be in a liquid type to ensure that the flame to make use of it. If the wax is frozen than it should flip from strong to liquid slower, due to this fact, not be used up as rapidly as room temperature wax. So freezing the candle must be a good suggestion, proper? Soy Candles

Setting Up the Experiment

We arrange the experiment utilizing a couple of totally different candle varieties. We used 2 sizes of pillar candles, one was a 2″x3″ and the opposite a four”x6″. We additionally used votive and taper candles. One in every of every candle measurement and elegance was positioned into the freezer and an identical measurement and elegance was left at room temperature. We drilled a small gap within the facet of the taper in freeze so we might measure the core temperature all through out take a look at. Each tapers have been weighed and every was 68.6 grams. We additionally had 2 digital “immediate learn” thermometers readily available and a cease watch.

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